Commercial Cheesemakers around the world who are using natural methods

Bobolink Dairy, NJ
Parish Hill Creamery, VT
Yellow Branch Cheese, NC

Secretlands Farm, ON

Doetie’s Geiten

Forest Farm

Villa de Patos

United Kingdom
Saint James Cheese
Ludlow Food Centre
Blackwoods Cheese Company
Long Churn Cheese

Bela Fazenda

if you are a cheesemaker who is using natural methods, please be in touch, and I will add you to the list.

To learn more about traditional fermentation and cheesemaking practices consider connecting with the following educators:

Heather Jarman
Heather runs intimate tours visiting traditional artisanal producers of Cheese and Salumi across various regions of Italy. 

Sandor Katz
Father of the fermentation revolution, Sandor laid the foundation for the principles that stand behind by cheesemaking practice. Author of 'Wild Fermentation', and 'The Art of Fermentation', Sandor offers classes worldwide, and at his homestead in the hills of Tennessee

Sharon Flynn
An advocate of traditional fermentation cultures, and the owner/operator of a successful and diversified fermentation company, Sharon Flynn teaches fermentation courses of all sorts in the Melbourne area.
She is the author of the recently published book 'Ferment for Good'.

Camilla Ker
A nomadic cheese professional, Camilla offers short courses in natural cheesemaking across the UK, Europe and further abroad. She has worked as a maker in the UK and NZ, and has trained cheesemakers in european styles in Mongolia.