photo by Kelly Brown

                                                                                                                                                             photo by Kelly Brown


The Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking offers cheesemaking workshops on a wide variety of topics from cultured butter to aged goats cheeses. All of our classes focus on techniques that can easily be reproduced at home or at small scale dairies.  Participants will learn how to take the steps to make their cheeses more naturally, without packaged starters, additives and chemicals, and how to source the best possible milk for their cheesemaking.  Workshops are demonstration style -we all make cheese together round the table.

Two Day Class
comprehensive demonstration


This comprehensive course begins with a session on dairy fermentation, covering Clabber, Kefir, Creme Fraiche, and Cultured Butter.  

In the afternoon we look at rennet cheeses, preparing the basic curd that can become many different styles of cheese, including Camembert, Blue Cheeses, Washed Rind Cheeses,  Mozzarella and Feta.   

On the second morning we make lactic cheeses such as Cream Cheese & Chèvre, and then we take the same curd and age it into Crottin, Valencay and Saint Marcellin. 

On the second afternoon we make a wheel of hard Alpine Cheese. And with its leftover whey we prepare a batch of fresh, warm Ricotta.

Two days of learning allow students to see many cheeses through the beginning stages of their evolution, and provides insight into how all styles of cheeses evolve from the very same milk with the same culture and the same rennet.

Five Day Class
comprehensive & hands on

This five-day-class is an in-depth exploration of the many possibilities of cheese.  Students should expect to gain a full understanding of how all of the different styles of cheese are inter-related, and how to bring about the ecological conditions that develop the diverse flavours and forms of cheese.  The length of the class allows participants to see cheeses through their many stages of development, and witness the growth of the many ripening cultures that define them.